Home improvements check list - Steps to be taken before contract a home improvement service.

How to Find a Contractor - How to find the right contractor to get your home repair or home improvement job done most effectively.

Avoiding Home Repair Ripoffs - Tips on how to prevent home repair scams.

Ordering and Storing Lumber - How to purchase the right lumber for the job.

Installing Optional Railing Designs - Change the look of a basic deck with different railing designs.

Repairing Double-Hung Windows - When a window binds or refuses to budge, don't try to force it. Instead, take a look around the sash, both inside and out. Once you've located the source of the problem, use one of these techniques to correct it.

Solving Door Problems - If a door sticks or does not close properly, don't assume that you need to remove it and plane it. Here's how to spot problems that are more easily fixed.

Maintaining and Troubleshooting Decks - Regular maintenance will add many years to the life of a deck. Here's how to inspect the five major weak spots on your deck.

Building a Wall in Place - If building a wall on the floor and raising it into position is not practical in your situation, you can install the top and bottom plates first, then fill in the studs.

Fixed-Fee versus Time-and-Materials Contracts - How to decide what kind of contract you'll need to get your home repair or home improvement job done most effectively.

How to hire a contractor - Finding a competent and reliable contractor is the first step to a successful and satisfying home improvement project.

Replacing Windowsills and Door Saddles - The bottom portion of any door or window takes a beating and is subject to decay. Here's how to correct both situations.

Selecting Finishes - Choosing the right finish can make all the difference with your deck's future.

Weatherstripping Doors - Doors leak twice as much air as windows. Coupled with the fact that doors also are used more often than windows, you can see why their seals merit careful inspection.

Replacing Broken Window Glass - Faced with a broken window, you have three choices: take it to a pro, install pre-cut glass yourself, or cut and install the glass on your own.

Installing a Deadbolt Lock - Deadbolt locks are a fairly easy way to add security to a door. These locks have long bolts that reach into the jamb and sometimes through to the framing.

Repairing Paneling - If you scratch or mar paneling, you usually can make a cosmetic repair in a few minutes with paste wax or a crayonlike touch-up stick.

Operation Closet - When the wife comes to you one fine day and says, �dear, I think we need a new closet for the bedroom�, the heart surges in joy.

Building Utility Shelves - Why take the time to build your own utility shelves when there are so many good off-the-shelf solutions to choose from?

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