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Vega Fence Models - Part 2

A. Front Guide Rails
The Front Fence Rail is a precision rolled, plating quality tube with a very thick wall for extreme stiffness. The bar is tapped for attachment of the front mounting brackets, table extension plates, and the Vega leg kit (optional). It is chrome plated and plated and polished to provide an extremely low friction glide path for smooth and easy adjustment of the fence.

B. Rear Guide Rails
The Rear Fence Rail is a 1 ½'' square tube predrilled for mounting to the exist- ing holes (in most saws) and tapped to hold the extension table support plates and Vega leg kit (optional). The Rail is epoxy coated for low friction, high durability, and an attractive finish.

C. The Fence Bar
The Vega Fence Bars are aircraft quality aluminum alloy extrusions shaped for extreme stiffness while being relatively lightweight for easy handling. They are very accurate bars with side flatness held to extremely close tolerances, resulting in a very uniform surface to guide material through the saw blade for precision cuts. The Fence Bars have a Black Anodized finish which provides extreme surface hardness and low friction.

D. Mounting Brackets
These extruded aluminum mounts help to make the Vega Saw Fence the easiest and fastest aftermarket saw fence to install. They provide simple and accurate vertical and horizontal adjustment for the front guide rail and simply bolt to the saw table through existing holes (in most saws).

E. Jacking Plates
To further assist in easy and accurate installation, jacking plates (4) are provided at the mounting points of the front and rear rail to make leveling and setting fence clearance easy.

F. Rear Hold Down Bracket
The rear hold down bracket prevents the rear of the fence from raising if the fence issued in conjunction with stock feed systems. It is adjusted to just clear the lower side of the rear guide rail.

Support Plates For Extension Tables
(All Models except Pro 26 and Utility 26) To extend the work surface of your saw, Vega provides four Table Support Plates. These Plates are bolted to the underside of the Front and Rear Fence Rails to support an extension table which can easily construct. In addition, the extension table will strengthen the Saw Fence System.

Here are a few unsolicited comments about the Vega Saw Fence….

G.D., Danbury, CT….''I recently purchased one of your Table Saw Fences and I must say that I am very impressed! It's really gratifying to see Good Old U.S. Engineering at work. Thanks.''
B.H., Cincinnati, OH….''After visiting your booth at a Woodworking Show I was convinced that I wanted the Vega Fence. (I looked at many other Aftermarket Fences as well.) Now that I have it installed I am very pleased….excellent!''

R.G., Little Falls, NJ….''I purchased your Saw Fence yesterday and in- stalled it on my ancient Sears Table Saw today. I am very pleased with it. I particularly like its ability to fine tune the rip width.''

H.M., Hamshire, IL….''It is a great piece of Equipment.''

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