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TurnLock Router SignCrafter System

Milescraft SignCrafter

By Dean Bielanowski

We got through assembly of the rails and clamps to hold the letters ok... One of the best aspects of woodworking is that it allows you to produce items that are one of a kind or cannot be bought anywhere else. You can craft items for friends, relatives, or even just for yourself! You can increase the value of a gift tenfold when it has that handcrafted touch. One thing I have always liked are wooden signs.

The clamps that hold the signcrafter to your workpiece. Despite their small size, they work well once everything is locked down. Whether they be displayed on a shop front, at the entrance of a property or on a bedroom wall, the warmth and unique characteristics of wooden signs are simply more impressive than their plastic or metal counterparts. The trouble is, making them by hand can be a difficult process, particularly if you are not into carving, or do not have the patience for it! So, today I thought we would take a look at a sign making set from Milescraft. Designed to be used with a router, the SignCrafter allows sign creation to be a much simpler affair...


Half the battle is finding all the letters you need from the pile! As you can see from the image above, and the images to the right, the SignCrafter comprises two main components - the letter holding assembly, and the individual sets of letters, numbers and symbols. The SignCrafter ships unassembled so some basic assembly of the components is required.

Assembly took me roughly 15 minutes, although I was watching a baseball game on TV at the same time. The instructions provide an assembly diagram. I must admit that it wasn't the best set of instructions I have ever seen (diagram only - no text) although I managed to assemble all parts without too much frustration. Just take your time, sort out the various nuts and bolts and other components before you begin and you should not have too many dramas.
Once your letters are inserted and arranged, you can attach the second clamp/rail holder and tighten it up...
There are 4 boxes of templates (the letters, numbers symbols etc), 2 which contain the smaller templates and the other 2 containing the larger templates. There are 2 of each letter/number in each size in case your words require the same letter twice. Included in the kit are 2 template guides to attach to your router. The documentation mentions these will fit most Skil and Craftsman brand routers.
This adjustable clamp pushes, and keeps letter templates snug against each other. Unfortunately they didn't fit mine, but if you have a router with a set of guide bushings, you can use those instead. A 7/16" and 5/8" bushing is what is required, preferably with at least a 1/2" bushing depth. The router and router bit are the only other two additional items you need to get going. It should be noted that you can buy special sign making router bits for your router, however, these would need to be correctly sized to be able to plunge through the bushings with adequate clearance.

Tools you'll need for this project



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