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Vega Fence Models

ALUMINUM FENCE HEAD - Extruded from 6005 - T6 high strength aluminum, the Vega fence head closely contours the polished chrome front rail providing excellent fit and nearly eliminating side play in the fence during adjustment. In ad- dition, the combination of the polished chrome tube and the aluminum head produces an almost ideal bearing surface for low friction and long life. The fence head simply lifts off the front rail for quick fence removal and installation.

EXCLUSIVE MICRO - ADJUSTMENTS! The Vega Saw Fences are the only Fences with true Micro - Adjustment capability. If you require precise adjustment from your tablesaw, this is a necessary feature. The Micro - Adjustment allows you to move the Fence very precisely in either direction, via a threaded rod - thumb nut combination. For the final adjustment of only a few thousandths of an inch, Vega provides a threaded mechanism for final, precise setting.

To operate the Micro Adjust:

1- Press down on the small knob at the right end of the Fence Head to lock the Micro Adjust Cam.
2- Release the Main Cam.
3- Rotate the Thumb Nut under the Fence head to move the Fence very precisely… (one full rotation of the nut is 1/16'')
4- After adjusting is complete, lock the Main Cam.

NO MORE BUMPING… … and hoping for the best! With other saw fences precise adjustments is achieved using this ''technique.''

MADE OF HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS - Vega has carefully chosen only the highest quality materials to construct their Saw Fences. Three unique precision aluminum extrusions, the highest grade of plating quality tubing and super tough and attractive epoxy coating, combined with meticulous care in fabrication result in a truly superior product.

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