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Seeing the Light


"Light has illuminated the path of humanity" - While Einstein was probably referring to one of his mind-blowing theories, lighting has also revolutionized the home. Before incandescent and fluorescent lighting, most activities stopped after dusk. Only royalty and the aristocrats had the money for torches, lamps, and candles. Yet nowadays, lighting is used for more than just being able to use the computer to buy dog food at 2 AM in your pajamas. Lighting has become a crucial pillar in the foundation of home decoration and design.

Outside lighting - lighting around your house not only brings an additional layer of security but also can complement your landscaping and outside decorations.

Lamps - lamps are not so much about the light but rather the decoration and style; make sure it matches the rest of your décor. However, a nice soft yellow light would be nice to set a mellow and cozy mood.

Room lights - lighting in your home is critical, not only for mundane things like checking your plummeting stock portfolio in the newspaper but also for illuminating the rest of your furniture. So to have great room lighting, have quality standup lights that can project across the entire room. For the lights installed in the ceiling, either buy new ones that match your décor or at the very least get quality light bulbs that complement your home and suit your lifestyle:

Technologies - there are many kinds of light sources; the two major ones used in residential homes are incandescent and fluorescent. Although fluorescent are big energy-savers, the white light they give off are not very pleasing to the eye. Incandescent light bulbs come in all sorts of strengths from less than 10 to more than a 100 watts although 60 should be plenty. Halogens are also common as room lights. They are actually quite flattering and very powerful, resulting in brilliant light to 300+ watts.

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