Home improvements check list - Steps to be taken before contract a home improvement service.

How to Find a Contractor - How to find the right contractor to get your home repair or home improvement job done most effectively.

Avoiding Home Repair Ripoffs - Tips on how to prevent home repair scams.

Replacing Plugs and Cords - Learn to replace faulty plugs and cords with this helpful guide.

Adding Surge Protection - Protecting electrical appliances with surge protectors.

Wiring Ceiling Fixtures with Switches - Options for connecting switches to ceiling lights and other fixtures.

Wiring Three-Way Switches - How to wire a three-way switch.

Installing Under-Cabinet Lighting - Brightening cabinets.

Checking Incandescent Fixtures - Troubleshooting incandescent fixture lighting.

Installing a Programmable Thermostat - A programmable thermostat automatically changes the temperature in your home for sleeping and waking hours. It also can deliver different temperatures when you're away.

Troubleshooting Fuses - Troubleshooting fuses.

Installing Ceiling Fans - Whether it's keeping warm air down for heat in the winter, or circulating cool air in the summer, a ceiling fan can cut energy costs and help keep your home more comfortable all year long. Installing a ceiling fan is an ideal one-day project for homeowners with little or no wiring experience.

Adding Wall Sconces - Wall sconces are ideal for hallways, stairways, and any room that needs indirect accent lighting. Installing a wall sconce is similar to adding a new light fixture. The only difference is location and the type of fixture box used.

How to hire a contractor - Finding a competent and reliable contractor is the first step to a successful and satisfying home improvement project.

Fixed-Fee versus Time-and-Materials Contracts - How to decide what kind of contract you'll need to get your home repair or home improvement job done most effectively.

Testing and Replacing Switches - How to test and replace switches.

Choosing Receptacles - Determine what kind of outlet you need with this guide to choosing the right receptacle.

Installing Special Switches - How to install a variety of special switches.

Wiring Two Ceiling Fixtures - Attaching two fixtures to a single switch.

Adding Outdoor Receptacles - How to add outdoor receptacles.

Installing Outdoor Lighting - Installing recessed lights outdoors.

Rewiring Lamps - How to replace a damaged cord or lamp socket. Also useful for turning objects into lamps.

Troubleshooting Circuit Breakers - Troubleshooting a circuit breaker.

Troubleshooting Thermostats - Repairing a thermostat.

Adding Whole-House Fans - How to install a whole-house fan.

What To Do With A Lamp! - Lamps add light, d�cor and style to any room in your home.

Seeing the Light - "Light has illuminated the path of humanity" � While Einstein was probably referring to one of his mind-blowing theories, lighting has also revolutionized the home.

In The Mood - Creating a Designer Home With Lighting

Installing Coaxial TV Cable  - It sure would be nice to have cable TV in that spare
bedroom you've converted into an office.

Adding a Telephone Extension - Pity the poor phone line. Few things have had to pick up the slack to take us into the information age like telecommunications.


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