As a business owner you've tried everything short of running down the road in an Ape costume trying to attract new customers.

From classified ads, to yellow page display ads, to 30 second radio spots, to flyers delivered door to door, you never seem to get your money's worth.

Rather then trying to send people to your web site HOME SERVICES DIRECTORY puts you in contact with customers.

You receive leads real time from people which require the services you offer in the locations you cover.

FREE to sign up
NO monthly membership fee
Select number of leads
Select location of leads
Leads sent real time
Leads sent via email


1- The homeowner seeks the service you provide in the database.

2- The database returns your name and phone #.

A - The homeowner wants to contact you

  1. She can call you;

  2. She can click on your name for more details;
    A customized page is open with all the details thehomeowner needs to get acquainted to you and your business. Name, address, phone #, email (most homeowners will contact you by email), services you provide, counties you serve and other details. SAMPLE

  3. Important: Do not expect to sign an interested prospect up on first contact! Most people want more information and they want to see if they trust and feel comfortable with you.

  4. Besides, you can write your own sales pitch to turn the leads into your clients (go easy!)

B - The homeowner does not want to contact you

  1. The database immediately and automatically will send the homeowner's data to you;

  2. Timing is the most important aspect of selling a web based homeowner. If you do not contact the prospect within the first 24 hours, the chance of closing the homeowner are greatly reduced.

3- You've got the leads from HOME SERVICES DIRECTORY. Now what?
����How should you approach your Email leads?

����That's what you'll find out after entering the member's area.
����Forum, Resources, Tips and other tools are available to help you turn the leads into loyal

����It�s time to revolutionize the way you work, and HOME SERVICES DIRECTORY has the tools
����to help you do it.
����We help you sell more. Register your company NOW!

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