Replacing Bricks in a Patio


Patio bricks set in sand are simple to replace. The most difficult part of the job is removing a broken brick without damaging its neighbors. If the patio bricks are mortared or set in concrete, use a cold chisel and baby sledgehammer to chisel out the damaged brick carefully, breaking off and removing small pieces so you do not crack the surrounding bricks or mortar. Chisel away the mortar joints and concrete bed too. Brush latex bonding agent into the cavity and set the new brick in a bed of mortar.

1. Remove the damaged brick

Use a flat pry bar to pry out the old brick. You may need to crack the brick and take it out in pieces. If it is a tight fit, try using two putty knives or trowels, one on each end, to shoehorn the brick straight up.

2. Tamp and replace

Add sand and tamp the area well, making sure the sand level is not too high. Replace the brick and tap it level with a hammer and a piece of scrap wood. Fill the joints with fine sand, brush, and spray with water. Repeat until the sand remains at the level of the bricks.


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