20 Top Landscape Mistakes - Part 2 -

20 Top Landscape Mistakes - Part 3 -

30 Great Design Tips - You plan, you plant, and still your flower garden doesn't look quite the way you'd like? Try this potpourri of tips to get you on your way to the flower garden of your dreams.

30 Great Design Tips - Part 2 -

30 Great Design Tips - Part 3 -

A Livable Landscape  - Whether you design your landscape by yourself or enlist professional help, the guiding idea is to fit together different elements in a way that meets your needs and is visually appealing to you.

A Livable Landscape - Part 2 -

All About Trees - Everything you need to know to maintain these gentle giants.

All About Trees - Part 2 -

Estimating Landscape Costs - Keeping costs down may be the toughest landscape challenge. Use our price guide as a starting point.

Estimating Landscape Costs - Part 2 -

Landscape a New Site - Don't be intimidated at the prospect of landscaping an entire yard. By breaking the work into five distinct phases, you can handle the job with ease.

Landscape a New Site - Part 2 -

Landscaping for Security  - Burglars hit roughly 2.5 million U.S. residences every year, about one every 13 seconds. Trim your chances of joining the statistics by landscaping for security.

Low-Upkeep Landscapes  - Want a yard that needs only minimal maintenance? Try these tips, including suggestions for low-upkeep plants.

Low-Upkeep Landscapes - Part 2 -

Plan Your Yard - Take the time to create a personal vision for your landscape -- you'll be rewarded when that unused space turns into a usable and attractive part of your home.

Plan Your Yard - Part 2 -

How to Care for the Roses, the Nation's Favorite Flower - America's most popular flower is also one of the very oldest flowers in cultivation.


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