Choosing A Site for a Deck - A deck most often is a transitional structure between your house's interior and exterior. The site you have in mind might solve one problem, only to create another. It can affect traffic patterns through the house and in the yard. The correct site makes such movement seem natural and unobtrusive.

Complementing Your Home's Style - Making a deck seem like a natural extension of the house.

Deck Designs for Contemporary Homes - Decks can be designed to suit almost any house, but the simplest deck projects match contemporary house styles just as they meet contemporary life styles. Here are some great examples.

Deck Planning Basics - Knowing the anatomy of a deck will help make a project a lot easier to understand and quicker to complete.

Drawing Plans - Producing accurate drawings.

Architect or Building Designer � Who Do You Choose? - Thinking of building a new home or complex? Will you use an architect or a building designer?

Impervious! - The fundamental thing with regard to structures is to keep the elements at bay.

A New House for an Old Neighborhood - Modern amenities and old-fashioned grace come together in this sophisticated cottage.

A New House for an Old Neighborhood - Part 2 -

Finding the Help You Need - A renovation is only as good as the professionals who do the work. Here's how to assemble the right team for your job.

Finding the Help You Need - Part 2 -

Finding the Help You Need - Part 3 -

A Gathering Place - Cooks, company and kids congregate in this home's great room, where dual hearths radiate warmth.

A Gathering Place - Part 2 -

A Gathering Place - Part 3 - The main floor of the Nances' Indiana home looks and lives like a large "keeping room."

A Passion for Detail - This storybook cottage took a new route back to the Old World, using today's building products and reproductions to capture vintage spirit.

A Passion for Detail - Part 2 -

A Passion for Detail - Part 3 -

Breaking Out of the Box - Once considered an unloved offspring of the building industry, modular housing is now showing its strengths with the help of design professionals.

Breaking Out of the Box - Part 2 -

Breaking Out of the Box - Part 3 -

Drama from Every Angle - High-tech amenities mean this new space doesnt' look -- or cook -- like an ordinary kitchen.

Drama from Every Angle - Part 2 -

Drama from Every Angle - Part 3 -

Drama from Every Angle - Part 4 -

Lakefront Getaway - Here's a vacation home filled with color and light.

Lakefront Getaway - Part 2 -

Lakefront Getaway - Part 3 -

Presence From the Past - Early-20th-century details, such as broad porches, classic columns, multilight windows, and a shingle-look exterior make this roomy 21st-century home as elegant as it is country comfortable.


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