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20 Top Landscape Mistakes

Even a beginner can create a knockout landscape as long as you avoid these common mistakes.

Planning Errors

1. Lost House
Many beginners plan a yard as if it's in a world of its own, which leaves the house looking like an ill-dressed tourist. The house and yard should work together in terms of style, scale, colors, and materials.

2. Poor Budgeting
Many beginners guesstimate a cost for a new landscape. And they guess wrong. Landscaping -- labor, plants, and materials -- is probably more expensive than you think if you haven't checked prices lately. Price real items. Calculate how much of each product and how many plants you will need. Be realistic about how much things really cost and how much you will really have available to spend.

3. Missing the Big Picture
It's hard to check your enthusiasm when an idea for a garden bed suddenly ignites. But hold off until you've outlined a plan for the entire yard -- even if you will only do one section at a time. Without a big-picture plan as a base, the individual parts may not work together.

4. Done at Sundown
So you're planning a great landscape -- if only you could dash out of work, rush home, eat dinner, and scurry into the yard before it gets dark so you could enjoy it. Landscape lighting is essential for safety and for after-dark use. Lighting should not be an afterthought; work it into the initial plan as an integral part of your deck, patio, paths, and other landscape areas.

Planning Errors5. Forgetting the Family
Before the dirt flies, spend time planning with everyone in the family so your landscape fulfills all of your family's needs. Start with a wish list, no matter how outrageous, and pare it to your budget. Each "use" (playing, barbecuing, bird-watching, reading) does not necessarily require a separate area, but can overlap others or be sprinkled around the yard.

6. Backyard Myopia
Backyard retreats are unmistakably great. But it is a mistake to think that all of your great landscape ideas belong there. Plan schemes for your front yard and side yards, too, including benches, paths, flower beds, arbors, and anything else you enjoy.

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